Dr. Yamini Madadala and her staff have provided procedure preparation forms for your convenience. We recommend that you download the forms, and strictly follow instructions / guidelines for the 24-hour period prior to your procedure.

Should you have any additional questions regarding your procedure, billing or insurance, please contact us at  469-697-5100

The following procedural preparation forms can be downloaded to your computer and printed at home for your convenience. By filling out these forms prior to your appointment you will save significant time during your visit at Dr. Yamini Maddala’s office. If you have any questions when filling out these forms, please do the best you can, and our staff will assist you with any questions on the day of your visit.

Procedure Preparation Forms

The procedural preparation forms will give you a detailed description of what you need to do during the 24-hour period before the procedure. Please use these as a guide, and contact Dr. Yamini’s office at 469-697-5100 with any questions.

>  Miralax Preparation for a Colonoscopy

>  SUTAB Preparation for a Colonoscopy

>  Suprep Split Dose Preparation for a Colonoscopy

>  Preparation for an Endoscopy

>  Preparation for an Colonoscopy

>  Dosage Instructions for Clenpiq

Note: The above documents are in Adobe® PDF format. They require Adobe Reader to be viewed. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can click on this link to download it for free.