(Endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography)

ERCP is a specialized technique used to study the bile ducts, pancreatic ducts and gall bladder.

Preparation For The Procedure:

a) You should be on an empty stomach for at least 6 hours before the procedure.
b) You should inform your doctor about the medications you take regularly.
c) Inform your doctor about any heart or lung conditions that you suffer from or any other major diseases that you may suffer from as they might prevent the conduction of endoscopy.

What Happens During ERCP?

a) Your doctor will apply a local anaesthesia to your throat and give you a sedative to make you comfortable.
b) You will be asked to lay on your abdomen on the X-ray table.
c) This treatment does not interfere with breathing, but you may experience a bloating sensation because of the air introduced through the instrument.

What Happens After ERCP?

a) You will be under observation until the effects of medications have worn off before being sent home.
b) You may experience bloating or pass gas because of the air introduced during examination.
c) You need someone to assist you after the procedure even if you feel alert and capable.


Pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas)
Bowel perforation